Dry Ice Smoke Machine


The smoke machine is dry ice and not liquid so it produces a mist that gives the feeling of being in a cloud and stays on the floor without dissipating.

Stand out and "fly" in the clouds as you dance..

Watch the video below on the page...

The price is for 1 day rental and includes:

  • The required amount of dry ice.
  • The technician who will operate the machine.
  • Transportation to/from the place to be used.
  • The preparation and harvesting.

Duration of effect: 2 minutes

There is the possibility for additional times at the same event with additional charge (depending on the case, please contact us)
e.g. 1 time at the couple's dance + 1 time at a possible parents' dance.

The price refers to rental within Thessaloniki. For other areas there is a different charge depending on the distance.

In case our representative comes to cover fireworks in the same area, the rental price is reduced, contact us for price.


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